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ADA Compliance Officer

Gordon Anthony
ADA Compliance Officer

• C4/5 tetraplegic

Gordon Anthony is a C4/5 tetraplegic with no wrist extensors or triceps but good biceps. He is an ADA compliance officer for the County of Los Angeles. His responsibility includes county buildings and assets and any companies who have contracts with the county. The county has 10 million citizens and a budget of $18 billion. Five supervisors considered to be five of the most powerful people in the country run it. There are 90,000 employees. Gordon has influenced the construction of the Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl among many other things.

Gordon is 49 years old and has been in the disability civil rights movement for thirty years. He was injured in a car accident at the age of 16 after which his parents built an addition to their house where he lived till age 29. He received a small settlement after his accident that was used up very quickly. He was required to pay his own attendant care when he moved out on his own. For five years he owned a business which enabled him to write off some of his support services. Since the County of Los Angeles has employed him he pays significant money to attendants out of his own pocket. He enjoys travelling to smaller communities in California.Advice to Others

1.Good social network
Gordon benefited greatly from his parents who always told him he could do whatever he wanted to do and his friends who maintained their relationships with him. They were very helpful, especially with transportation as there was very little access to transportation at that time. For those who do not have a strong network of family or friends he suggests that they find such a social network perhaps through a church or school.

2. Look to a cohesive immigrant community for attendant care help.
Gordon has had help from people in the Belize, Philippino and Jamaican communities. He found that if his attendant was not able to continue they would identify other members of their community who were reputable and honest who would fill in for them. By working through the network he maintained continuity and quality help.

3. Be assertive.
Gordon accepted invitations to speak to different groups where he was able to describe his situation and often found that people who heard him ended up helping him. People with disabilities should make sure they get out and interact with others whenever possible and take any opportunities to give to the community as he has discovered that there are many benefits that come from this.