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Sarah Lapp and care attendant, Rachel Weber: VAMS office/studio at G.F. Strong Rehab Hospital

photo: Garry Angus

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Introducing Sarah Lapp: VAMS New Intern

By Garry Angus

If you make a call or drop by the office at G.F. Strong these days, you'll be greeted by the pleasant voice and fresh face of Vancouver Adapted Music Society's newest member, Sarah Lapp, 20, from Vancouver.

Lapp is with VAMS through her second internship with Capilano College's arts and entertainment management program. The program has taught her principles of artist management in commercial and non-profit sectors, and given her an overview of marketing, production, touring and resource development. Her goal with VAMS is to make the society known to a greater audience, and to provide booking opportunities for members who are at the level to perform professionally.

Lapp has been interested in music her entire life, and found solace in sounds while facing the challenges of growing up. According to Sarah, who has cerebral palsy and functions from a motorized wheelchair, listening to music as a pre-teen, and in particular, the lyrics of the Backstreet Boys, "which was the most real music I had heard at the time," helped her focus her career desires.

Though she doesn't play an instrument, but sings "a little," she chose to participate in the music industry behind the scenes as an artist manager and career developer. She has worked with local singer Brandon Paris, and looks forward to helping VAMS' artists and by learning how to use some new recording software.

Lapp's first practicum towards her Capilano College certification was with Vancouver's Theatre Terrific ( - a non-profit society that provides acting classes to people with disabilities and mounts amateur and professional productions. Theatre Terrific's unique productions give the public access to the gifts and experiences of the performers, increasing awareness of people with disabilities by celebrating the art of theatre.

Sarah Lapp can be reached at the G.F. Strong VAMS office/studio Mondays to Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Telephone: 604-734-1313, ext. 2535; or email:

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